Luis Urreas book The Devils Highway gave me whole new prospective on the issue of immigration. Before reading the book I wasn’t aware of the hardship, that motivated these immigrants to want to leave Mexico. I realized that they it takes a lot for a person to decide to go into a desert and risk their entire life, just to make it to the United States. Things in their life must have been terrible, if they made it to the point of deciding to cross the border. They left behind everything they know, including their belongings, families, and they paid a hefty fine that included most of their lives earnings. It makes me not mad at the immigrants for wanting to come into the United States illegally, but mad at the situation. The money the U.S had to pay in the end, could have been put toward changing the conditions in their towns/villages. It’s ironic, the way that things turned out.

Me gusta




I’ve been obsessed with tacos from L’ Patron. Located on California and Diversey, in Logan square. Its a great small taco place, that’s open pretty late. Even though, its always packed, and very small its worth the wait. The steak and al pastor tacos are amazing! I didnt expect such a small place, to have such quality food, and for a great price.

What if I need it.

I feel that almost everyone has things in their closet, that are completely ridiculous that they’ll never wear. Whether it be something you bought or inherited from a family member. Everyone has that one piece of clothing, that you can’t bring yourself to throw away. Especially clothes with the tags that we never wore. Why do we force ourselves to keep it? Are we too lazy to throw it away? People can’t help sometimes, but to become attached to things. We think it has value, just sitting there in our closet taking up space . I fear that if I throw it away then I might need it someday. That leather jacket I wore from when I was KISS on Halloween,I’ll definitely need that.


They come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are more protective than others,and have more rules. I’ve had trouble understanding parents logic. I used to think parents, who did bad things as teenagers would be more strict. It seems to go both ways. They can be stricter ,because they think they “Know” what teenagers do. Or they could give their teen more freedom, because it allows them to have independence and experience. A good balance of both should be present, because nothing’s worse than a sheltered child who goes to college for the first time. Parents also shouldn’t attempt to be the “Best friend” type. They should know what boundaries need to be set, and when to be a parent. It’s much easier to be better friends with your child as they get older.


Thoreau focuses on living life to its full potential and ridicules people who ,focus on the mundane details in their life. When people put all of their attention into these useless things it keeps them from being themselves. Sure people gain petty pleasure from watching tv shows, but does it really mean anything? Does watching a reality TV show help you discover anything about yourself as a person? It doesn’t allow you to think for yourself,it instead gives you useless information. Being worthy and living life to full potential is different for every person. But ,everyone is kept from discovering this if they focus on these non important things in their lives.


“No Surprises” by Radiohead is a song I always loved,especially as kid. The song is a single off their album OK computer. The soft suddle,and almost eerie beginning is what really sets the tone for the whole song. It’s something unique that I have never heard before in many other song . The song itself is very depressing and sad,but extremely interesting. I find myself listening to it over and over again and never getting tired of it. Even the music video is something else, Thom Yorke seems to be in a reflective space mask.



It Ain’t Me

Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Fortunate Son”, written by John Fogerty has a lot to do with  the Vietnam war . It talks about how people are born with a “silver spoon in their hand”. This refers to the upper class. Because someone was rich,and had money they could afford to go to college and be able to stay out of the war. The draft was also biased toward people,of power such as  a “Senators son”.  Since the “Unfortunate ones” are not born into wealth or power,they are most likely the ones being drafted and sent to war. It also seems he implies that the fathers of the “Fortunate Ones”,are the ones who started the involvement in the war. While they are the ones sitting at home watching it on TV.